March: Women’s History Month

By Alexandra Rutherford

Psychology’s Feminist Voices is a project that uses historical, feminist, critical, and constructionist approaches to analyze the past and present experiences of women and minorities in psychology and society. Feminist voices with quote

To celebrate Women’s History Month, they are having a fun trivia blitz on the Psychology’s Feminist Voices (PFV) Facebook page.

There will be a question every day of the month, most of them based on content at the site (some a little looser), and we encourage you to participate!! There will be a swag bag prize at the end for most correct answers/thoughtful comments – actually a customized PFV tote filled with feminist goodies! Check it out and friend us. Click here to know more about it.

The team of editors of the blog thanks the kindness of Alexandra Rutherford, director of PFV, who collaborated in the writing of this post.

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