Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences: Brand new issue

Cover JHBSVolume 48 Number 3 of the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences was recently published.

In this new issue there are 4 new articles that may be of interest to readers of our Blog. For example the article “The Biologist as Psychologist: Henry Fairfield Osborn´s Eary Mental Ability Investigations”  written by Jacy L. Young. It is a text that addresses the circulation of scales of psychological measures in the United States of America in the last decades of the nineteenth century. Beyond the content itself, the article draws attention for its authorship. Jacy Young is one of the main editors of Advances in History of Psychology  under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Green.This blog also addresses issues of interest to the History of Psychology. To take a closer look at this paper and to the other three articles go to the summary that is available online. As it is common in the Journal you will find also published some book reviews in this new edition. These reviews not only can help us decide whether or not to buy a particular book, but it is also good way to observe the current trends of publications in the area. We take the opportunity not only to suggest the reading of the Journal but also to encourage members of RIPeHP to submit their articles. Author guidelines are available online.

We thank the collaboration of Ian A. M. Nicholson, editor of JHBS, who collaborated in the preparation of this post.

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