Riddles of History: lecture online

Contribution Cathy Faye (Center for the History of Psychology)

Ludy T. Benjamin Jr.
Ludy T. Benjamin Jr.

In 2013 the Center for the History of Psychology (CHP) had launched a new lecture series: the Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. Lecture. This series honors Professor Benjamin, Jr., he is an outstanding historian of psychology who has contributed to teaching, research, and scholarship in the field.

The First Annual Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. Lecture took place at the University of Akron (United States of America) on May 6. The speaker was Professor Henry ‘Roddy’ Roediger III (Washington University in St. Louis).

Henry ‘Roddy’ Roediger III
Henry ‘Roddy’ Roediger III

Professor Roediger is the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychology. He is also an internationally recognized scholar in the field of learning and memory.

The lecture, titled “Riddles of History: Sir Frederic Bartlett’s Contributions to Memory Research and their Curious Reception,“ outlines Roediger’s careful research on the Frederic Bartlett’s work on memory. The video recording of the lecture is available online here. Enjoy it!

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